Open positions

A Professor position is open at the Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering of Aalto University School of Science Otaniemi campus.


The position will be filled primarily at the Assistant or Associate Professor level. However, we also welcome applications by outstanding scientists for Full Professor level appointment.

The candidate should have strong motivation and skills for innovative use and development of human neuroimaging methods. We are particularly interested in candidates who are keen to operate on multiple levels, from experimental work to advanced data analysis methods and development of neuroimaging instrumentation. Ideally, the appointed professor will complement the expertise of the faculty of NBE. However, NBE welcomes also applications from internationally recognized developers of novel neuroimaging methods.

The applications for the tenure track positions should submitted through the eRecruitment system by 23:59 p.m.,11th March, 2018, Finnish time.

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Post-doctoral researcher position on compound semiconductor fabrication & design

Energy transport and high efficiency energy conversion [DL 18.March.2017]

We are looking for a highly motivated post-doctoral researcher to work on semiconductor based high efficiency energy conversion technologies and a related ERC funded research project aiming at demonstrating thermophotonic energy transfer and electroluminescent cooling in III-V compound semiconductors.

Your work will mainly involve developing, analysing and designing III-V based light emitters and solar cells in collaboration with a team of theoreticians and experimentalists aiming to demonstrate the next break-throughs in solid state cooling and energy conversion.

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Summer jobs 2018

The deadline for applications was 05 February 2018. The call is closed and the summer job descriptions have been archived here.


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