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Master's Thesis / PhD Candidate positions in Biomedical Ultrasonics

Our research at the Medical Ultrasonics Laboratory (MEDUSA) focuses on innovating new ultrasound platforms for biomedical use with a goal to translate these into hospital and research environments. The technology typically relies on non-linear ultrasonics, which enables actuation and manipulation of matter from distance without touching (e.g. moving molecules/particles, generation acoustic streams, levitation, liquid micro-jets). Most of the applications are intended for advanced therapy or diagnostics in the field of cancer or osteoarthritis management.

We are looking for a master's thesis worker or doctoral student to work with a new ultrasonics platform. Your work will include setting up advanced experimental arrangements and prototypes, running experiments and conducting data analysis (signals, images, high speed video). We offer you an ambitious and high-tech working environment with challenging and interesting research topics

Full advert and link to electronic application at webpage:


Summer internships 2017

Deadline for applications was 07 February 2017. Position descriptions have been archived.

Job offers to successful applicants have been made and the call is closed.

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