Neuroimaging methods group (NIMEG)

We work at the intersection of neuroscience and neurotechnology by developing novel measurement and analysis methods for studying human brain structure and function, as well as applying these methods to address important and challenging research questions in both basic and clinical neuroscience. We employ extensively neuromagnetic measurements of brain activity, which give a temporally detailed picture of activation dynamics.

Our aims are

  • to substantially improve the spatial resolution of neuromagnetic measurements by new instrumentation as well as by physiologically-informed computational modeling
  • to develop novel analytical approaches for neuroimaging data, also for real-time use to support closed-loop experiments where the subject's brain activity affects subsequent stimulation; in particular, we focus on assessing functional connectivity between brain regions and between the brains of interacting subjects
  • to investigate the neural processes supporting cognitive functions such as attentional selection, conscious perception, mental imagery and metacognition

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