Professor Kimmo Kaski’s farewell seminar attracted renowned researchers to Aalto

15. toukokuu 2018

Professor Kaski, pioneer of computational complex systems research in Finland, will continue to work as senior adviser at Aalto.


Academician Risto Nieminen elected as foreign associate of the US National Academy of Sciences

9. toukokuu 2018

The election is a prestigious recognition of Nieminen’s scientific achievements.

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Petri Ala-Laurila: The retina offers a pathway to the secrets of the brain

20. huhtikuu 2018

This Professor, awarded for his scientific courage, knows that it’s worth going after the big “fish” even if you don’t always catch it.

GE Healthcare donates anaesthesia machines

15. maaliskuu 2018

Aalto students can get acquainted with health technology devices used in hospitals as a part of their studies


School of Science dissertation awards 2018

14. maaliskuu 2018

The doctoral dissertation awards 2018 were presented 9 March at the traditional Get-together for doctoral candidates.


AI application for treatment of gestational diabetes

7. maaliskuu 2018

AI allows individualized predictions for expectant mothers and newborn children. The aim of the individual recommendations is a positive experience for the user combined with activity that is beneficial for the glucose level.

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The second Brain Twitter Conference kicks off 8 March: non-stop neuroscience for 16 hours

7. maaliskuu 2018

The keynote topics include the social brain and emotions' effect on speech production.

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Film Memento helped uncover how the brain remembers and interprets events from clues

21. helmikuu 2018

Key repeating moments in the film give viewers the information they need to understand the storyline. The scenes cause identical reactions in the viewer’s brain. The results deepen our understanding of how the brain functions, how narratives work in film, and memory mechanisms impaired by conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

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Finnish innovation to reduce complications after open heart surgery

15. helmikuu 2018

Roughly every five patients suffer from different kinds of heart failure after open heart surgery.

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Love and fear are visible across the brain instead of being restricted to any brain region

14. helmikuu 2018

The brain mechanisms of basic emotions such as anger and happiness are fairly similar across people. Differences are greater in social emotions, such as gratitude and contempt.

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Olav Thon Foundation grants the 2018 international research award to Academician, Professor Emerita Riitta Hari

17. tammikuu 2018

The researcher prize was awarded due to excellence in brain research.

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Health Design 2017 brought together healthcare, design, and technology professionals

7. joulukuu 2017

Design expertise to help in commercialising health technology.


Three Aalto postdocs to pitch their bold research ideas in Slush

28. marraskuu 2017

Anand Tatikonda, Anna Stöckl and Tommi Himberg are competing for the Skolar Award at Slush.

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Not blinded by the light: Rods in the retina contribute to daylight vision

27. marraskuu 2017

Findings of international research team may be beneficial in the search for new treatments for patients suffering from loss of photopic vision.

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The latest installation lectures available on video

27. marraskuu 2017

Aalto University's newly tenured professors reveal the secrets of water-repellent surfaces and health promotive urban environment, among other things.

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Biodesign team receives funding to commercialize their innovation

17. marraskuu 2017

The innovation that will make open heart surgery safer has been developed within the Biodesign Finland 2017 project together with heart surgeon Tommi Pätilä.

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A film research study shows how the brain reacts to difficult moral issues

27. lokakuu 2017

The family relationship between film characters clearly affects the reactions in the viewers' brain.

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Tommi Himberg to head the newly established Young Academy Finland

25. lokakuu 2017

The academy for young scientists wants to promote science in Finnish society.

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Holding an object requires smooth interaction between high and low brain frequencies

18. lokakuu 2017

Researchers have identified a neuronal mechanism enabling people to maintain constant contraction force.

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Aalto Bachelor's programme in Science and Technology in English to start in 2018

13. lokakuu 2017

The graduates will be top-level experts of digital society. The first majors are Data Science and Digital Systems and Design.

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Ultrasound can help treat cancer and osteoarthritis

31. elokuu 2017

Assistant Professor Heikki Nieminen is developing methods that can lead to earlier diagnosis of cancer and enable new kinds of targeted treatments for illnesses.

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Magnetic stimulation of the brain improved awareness of subject's own cognitive abilities

29. elokuu 2017

Understanding brain function might help in the development of new treatments for neuropsychiatric illnesses in the future.

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Aalto University and GE Healthcare expand their cooperation

17. elokuu 2017

The areas of cooperation include healthcare data analytics and artificial intelligence as well as start-up activities.

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Transfer of atomic mass with a photon solves the momentum paradox of light

30. kesäkuu 2017

The propagation of light in a transparent medium is associated with the transfer of atomic mass density.

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Biodesign projects identify medical innovations for commercialisation

15. kesäkuu 2017

Combining the technical expertise of an engineer with the clinical expertise of a medical doctor can lead to the invention of the century.

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